Welcome to AFA 2018 National Adviser Conference

As a Financial Adviser I want you to recall the buzz that you get when your advice helped someone and you were acknowledged for the integral role that you played helping a client be it reaching a retirement goal, or finally paying off their mortgage, or benefiting from a life insurance policy. Remember this feeling and be proud of the significant role you played to help these people, your clients.

In 2018, a year of so much (yes more!) change, I urge you to hold on this feeling and use it as a motivation to pull through this year, and the year’s to come, as Australians need you and financial advice. And that is why the AFA are going to play a role to recognise you, to inspire you and be by your side as you DISCOVER your pathway forward in advice from 2018 and beyond.

Our National Adviser Conference in October will be our primary platform to deliver this. We are developing an agenda to provide international thought leaders and expertise to boost your business. As always, we will be showcasing dozens of Australia’s best and most inspiring advisers who will share their unique competitive advantages and help you to fine tune your advice offering.

Most importantly and as we demonstrated at our 2017 Conference we will be facilitating an environment that fosters peer engagement and learning, something the AFA Conferences are renowned for.

Our National President, Marc Bineham, has placed a significance on honouring the rich AFA heritage and the 10 year plus member event at last year’s conference was a highlight. The AFA will continue to honour the past and the great advice that our members have delivered but this conference will also focus on bringing you to cutting edge of advice to help you identify and integrate the next wave of advice delivery into your business.

The AFA 2018 National Adviser Conference is will be held on 10-12 October at RACV Royal Pines again so from one adviser to another, I ask you to put this event into your calendar, as that one event to build your passion, belief and expertise in advice.

At the AFA, in 2018 we want you all to fall back in love with advice, to rekindle the flame and make sure that you are motivated to overcome the challenges ahead and continue to be the best adviser you can be so you can make the best possible impact to your client’s in the future.

I hope to see you there.

Michael Nowak
AFA Vice President and 2018 Conference Chair

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