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Sir Bob Geldof

For a Higher Social Purpose

Sir Bob Geldof is incredibly well informed, not just about African famines and aid organisations, but also about global politics, communications and business. His presentations are highly provocative and he uplifts and inspires audiences as he motivates through his own personal experiences and the lessons learned from Live Aid.

Bob Geldof was and is:

  • Lead singer and founder of The Boomtown Rats.
  • Founder of Band Aid, Live Aid and Live 8.
  • Eight time nominee for a Nobel Peace Prize and winner of a Nobel Man of Peace Award.
  • Was honoured by Queen Elizabeth II with a KBE (knighthood) in recognition of his work in the humanitarian and poverty areas

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Jeremiah Desmarais (LIVE FROM THE US)

Be a Digital Marketing Ninja – Secrets for Financial Advisers

Financial Advisers are always on the lookout for opportunities to generate leads and referrals, and to meet the changing demands of consumers.  Digital marketing provides a range of tools to increase opportunities in this space.  In this session, renowned TedX speaker and Insurance marketing expert Jeremiah Desmarais will provide you with ready-made solutions that you can take back and implement in your business straight after the Conference.

Jeremiah will share proven email templates to use to see more prospects; “game-changing” LinkedIn strategies to generate more appointments immediately; effective leverage techniques for your digital marketing; simple technology hacks to grow demand for your services; and “Ninja tools” to increase productivity significantly with just a few clicks.

Hon Bernie Ripoll

Former MP (Facilitator)

Digital Solutions: Breathing Life into Financial Advice

Are we stifling innovation that could revolutionise financial advice in Australia? Open source data – the mechanism for people to control all their personal information in a single source – is inevitable.  With clients being able to have all of their personal financial and health information in one place, financial advisers would be dramatically more informed, which leads to reduced compliance cost and deeper client engagement. We have a great opportunity to shape the implementation of open data in Australia, to take the pain out of getting – and giving – quality financial advice.  Digital solutions can breathe fresh air into our profession for the future, but also take away some of the pain today – for example, surely we can think of something different to deliver SoAs?

You’ll hear from three experts in this emerging area – Matt Symons, a specialist in automation of digital marketing content and compliance-related workflows; Danielle Szetho, CEO at FinTech Australia, whose vision is to make Australia one of the world’s leading markets for FinTech innovation and investment; and The Hon Bernie Ripoll, well-known to the financial advice profession in his time as the Member for Oxley, and a passionate advocate of the need for financial advice for more Australians.

Danielle Szetho

CEO – FinTech Australia

Matt Symons

CEO – Red Marker

David Hawkins

Anvij Saxena

Cybercrime: Is your business hack-proof?

What happens when the biggest risk to your clients wealth creation isn’t their asset allocation but cybercrime within your business?

AUSTRAC detected significant levels of cyber-enabled fraud in its recent Money Laundering/Terrorism Financing Risk Assessment on Australia’s Financial Planning Sector. AUSTRAC assessed that cyber-enabled fraud has been growing in scale and sophistication, with financial advisers being targeted as they act as a gateway between customers and financial institutions. With these increasingly sophisticated methods being used advice businesses and super providers need to work together to protect clients’ financial assets.

Together Anvij Saxena, Chief Risk Officer, CFS and David Hawkins, Director of Risk Assessments, AUSTRAC will explore adviser case studies on how to protect your advice business from cybercrime and explore what financial advisers can do to help protect their clients to stay safe online.

Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP
Minister for Revenue and Financial Services

A Vision for Financial Advice

The Minister for Revenue and Financial Services sets out her vision for the financial advice profession and details how the newly formed Financial Adviser Standards & Ethics Authority (FASEA) will reshape education and professional standards.

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Chris Riddell

Beyond Tomorrow: The Human Revolution

The world is full of disruption; no one and no industry has been left unaffected by it. Chris will give examples of organisations that are being highly disruptive and what makes them so unique. He will discuss ultra-outcomes, megatrends and the importance of CX as well as the relevance of creating incredible customer experiences. Chris will be exploring the topics, technology, and human behaviour that is at the forefront of innovation.

Chris will enthuse the audience with ideas about thinking differently and not fearing change. He will also bring it to an inspiring conclusion addressing some of the next steps that businesses can take around blending online and offline engagements with customers, with simplicity and importantly with little or no cost.

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Zelda la Grange

What it might take to change your mind or beliefs?

Zelda la Grange was born in apartheid South Africa. After her secondary education, she completed a 3-year National Diploma. She started her career in 1992 at the Department of State Expenditure, and in 1994 applied for a job in the Office of the first democratic Presidency.

In 1999, President Mandela hand-picked her from his personal staff to remain in his services beyond retirement.

Together with Professor Jakes Gerwel, Zelda was the only other founding staff member of the post-Presidential Office of Mr Nelson Mandela from where the Nelson Mandela Foundation was established.  Zelda served President Mandela in various capacities over 19 years including Executive Personal Assistant, Spokesperson, Manager of Stakeholder relations, Aide-de-camp and Manager of his private office until his death on 5 December 2013.

Zelda has been awarded by a number of organisations for her dedication and service to the late Nelson Mandela. She currently serves as the Patron for the First for Women Foundation, non-executive Director of the non-profit organisation Healing Hands, and annually acts as a co-ordinator of Bikers for Mandela Day through which she pays tribute and disseminates the lessons learnt from her former boss in a charitable way. She is also a part-time employee of the Foundation for Professional Development where she presents leadership training.  Zelda continues to inspire people through her speaking by sharing her life experiences.

On June 19th 2014 she published her memoirs entitled “Good Morning, Mr Mandela”. It is a story of love and hope in which Zelda shares her life, and how serving Nelson Mandela for 19 years has had an impact on her life. She inspires through storytelling, and shares some of the most private and public moments during her time at the side of the international statesman.

In December 2014, her book was announced to be the ‘Best Seller of the Year’ in South Africa, and in 2015 in Brazil, with a population of over 200 million people, the book reached the top 10 best seller list.   The book has been translated into ten languages and is distributed in 15 countries, in addition to all the Commonwealth nations.

In February 2016 New York based Maven Pictures’ Trudie Styler, Celine Rattray and Jacqui Lewis obtained the rights of “Good Morning, Mr Mandela” for adaptation into film.

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Amy Florian

The Emotional Transitions of Life

Amy Florian is the CEO of Corgenius, and she combines the best of neuroscience and psychology with a good dose of humor in training professionals to build strong relationships with clients through all the losses and transitions of life.

An acclaimed speaker and expert, she is author of over 100 articles and the books “No Longer Awkward: Communicating with Clients through the Toughest Times of Life” and “A Friend Indeed: Help Someone You Love When They Grieve.” She was recently honored with several awards for her ground-breaking work including:

  • The 20 Most Creative People in Insurance and Financial Services from LifeHealthPro
  • 2016 Influential Woman in Business from the National Association of Women Business Owners
  • 2017 Women of Influence from the Chicago Business Journal
  • 2017 Twenty-five Industry Influencers from Investment Advisor

Amy has a regular blog on Huffington Post and has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, MSN Money, Barron’s, On Wall Street, the Journal of Financial Planning, ThinkAdvisor, Investment News, Wealth Management, and many others.

Amy holds a Master’s Degree and is a Fellow in Thanatology (the highest level of certification in the field of grief studies).

She taught a graduate class at Loyola University of Chicago for almost 10 years, she has worked with over 2,000 grieving people, and she consults with firms, corporations, and individuals across the country and the globe.

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Inspire Masterclass Breakfast

Dr Gemma Munro
Founder, Inkling Women

10 Steps to playing to your Strengths

Dr Gemma Munro is one of Australia’s best recognised speakers on gender diversity and women in leadership. She has delivered keynotes at PayPal, Nissan and Qantas, and her talk at Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley was livestreamed to every Google office in the world. Gemma has now inspired over 68,000 people on every continent except Antarctica (and speaking in Antarctica is firmly on her bucket list, despite her wimpiness in cold weather).

Gemma is the Founder of Inkling Women, Australia’s leading provider of diversity and inclusion solutions. Inkling Women works with global organisations to drive gender balance at leadership level and achieve measurable ROI on their diversity budget – indeed, over 50% of women who complete an Inkling leadership program receive a promotion within 6 months.

Gemma is expert in equipping leaders with the skills and motivation to create inclusive teams, and in inspiring women to step up, speak up and lead. She started Inkling Women six years ago with a driving belief that the world will be a better place when 50% of the most important decisions for the planet are made by women, and a G.O.L.D. (Giant Outrageous Liberating Dream) to ensure that 50% of leadership roles worldwide are held by women.

Prior to Inkling, Gemma was a tremendously serious management consultant (she knows better now) and is a recovering academic, having completed her PhD in performance psychology at a relatively young and impressionable age.

Outside of work, Gemma is a trained classical singer and traversed the world singing in grand and dusty places like Westminster Abbey, Royal Albert Hall, Harvard College and Cologne Cathedral. But her most requested party story is singing live on stage as a backing singer for the Rolling Stones. At home, Gem likes nothing better than to cook with good friends and good wine while all the children run around looking after themselves.

Toby Travanner

Master of Ceremonies

Toby Travanner is Australia’s number one Business MC. Quite simply, Toby is the best of the best. 30 years of experience have made him the most trusted conference professional and we are really excited to have Toby MC at the AFA National Adviser Conference this year.

Toby’s engagements are designed around his 3 ‘S’s.

Short term: There must be something that is immediately useable by the participants. If people and organisations don’t see an immediate benefit, it is more difficult to gain the momentum from Skills Development or motivational activities.

Sustainable: Motivation can sometimes be limited to the time during the interaction with the presenter. Often we take part in sessions where we are entertained and think “I must do that when I get back to work”. Unless the ideas, attitudes and methods are sustainable outside the conference or learning environment, then improvements to the return on intellect will not be achievable.

Significant: Outcomes, over a period of time, need to have a significant, measurable benefit to both the individual and to the organisation of which they are a part. These outcomes need to be in the form of improved technical and professional behaviours that lead to benefits to business processes.